Vision, Purpose & Values

Our Vision

We are committed to providing a holistic and inclusive environment; where all children are nurtured to become confident lifelong learners by developing their academic, social, emotional, physical and creative potential.


Our Purpose

We develop in our students:

  • the desire to learn and the ability to maximise their educational opportunities.
  • the capacity to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively to their full potential.
  • a social conscience, helping them to recognise the importance of contributing to their family, school, environment and the wider community.

Our Values

The following values provide a foundation for building social responsibility and a sense of belonging through collaboration between our students, their families, our school and the wider community.

We demonstrate our values through:

  • Excellence - Striving to do our personal best and fulfilling our potential. Developing a passion for learning.
  • Integrity - Having the courage to be open, honest, respectful and trustworthy.
  • Responsibility - Showing care and respect for ourselves, others and the environment.
  • Inclusivity - Creating a positive school culture in which we all feel included.
  • Creativity - Using imagination and sharing our ideas.
  • Resilience - Responding to challenges and being positive.

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